Sunday, December 12, 2010

Raven’s Reluctance (To Stay)

You are a trader
of secrets, tricks and tradition
a wizard, chameleon,  shaman, magician,
the disguiser
a wiser creator

rabid rabble rouser in landfill’s schlaraffenland
senescent schemer
tactical twister,
head upside down,
bill up like an arrow
taking me in
seeking me out
seeing me through

on frozen wetlands’ winter birch
chanting, clucking, breathing ujjay,
chuckling, croaking, gurgling, cawing
dropping rainforest pearls
screeching shrill chills on trespassers and predators
stealing the immature eagle’s morsels
pushing closer
whose branch is it anyway

i sang happy birthday to you many times
waiting for you and yours to chime in one day
but all that did was warn you to know me
who i am or pretend to be
my approach clandestine, yet
recalcitrant steps meet your obstinate protest
you bounce off your leafless cottonwood crutch

as i revere
rarefied corvus corax
polyglot totem
thanatotic omen
gleaming  deus ex arctica
reluctant to stay
you fly