Sunday, March 20, 2011

"suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem", or "DON'T let the BASTARDS win" - for Jimmi, Ebony and Bianca

thinking of checking out
my decision
i dont need your or anyones permission

to change course
to change or
to leave it all behind

once i am certain
there is no greater joy
no deeper sorrow
no truer love
no higher purpose

than what has come my way

what is there to stay for?

the answer lies in the blood of a tree
and the dolphins overture
the red earths moisture
and the blue baboons tickle
in the song you will write
and the one i will sing

it lies in the inlets breeze
and the whales dance
in the flavors of fair trade chocolate
or aged halloumi cheese
it lies in the need to save our streams
not for the next generation but for us

it lies in all that is yet to be discovered
because there is a secret on the other side
of the sink plug
there is no fragrance
in a stink bug
other than chlorophyll
did you know that?

Stay for the secret in this stone and that star
Stay for another kiss and another burst of laughter
Stay for another scream and some more tears
Stay to see if they taste like Adriatic waves
Stay to walk in old places and find spaces that hold the power of
defunct sages
Stay to speak in tongues other than the ones you know
Stay to find the universe parked next to this life
Stay to borrow a book from the neighbor who honored his wife
by random acts of generosity such as
picking up dog turds on walkways or trash on trails
sending anonymous poems to teachers and men in jail cells

then, after that, time to move on
my decision? no, the Makers
without your permission or approval

just like one would say
go away
and take your upsidedown twin
for the ride