Wednesday, March 2, 2011

3 degrees of separation

can we separate
the kiss from the shooting star
the embrace from the rising moon
you in my mind my body my soul?

we might
but i won't
for the power of
a blind cat finding the blind spider
is contained in no wo-man is illegal
no child illegitimate

don't hate me for putting these together 
like that
you showed me
when pluto was still a planet
or before
that sometimes things are just right
and belong where we put them
belong where we allow us to be

the space that needs filling 
in a collage of everything that colors your mind
and builds roads and snakes rivers with the
dust of red middle eastern earth and burnt sienna orange
atop shreds of photographic poetry in motion of
blurred knowledge showing facets of every conceivable thing in
and on and around our existence is always
more than two sides to a dollar bill story

so we can separate kisses from shooting stars from quickmart condoms and are we just playing or extending the foreplay
to drinking beer and cheap wine over the awkwardness of it all
when going back is impossible and moving forward not really
an option


while the embrace like the rising moon will be hard not to have
you in my mind my body my soul
is of the past and past lives may
connect to the here and now and tomorrow
is another day
a new road
wind or no wind
wind or now in d
is a song my brother will write after
visiting this vast cold place
coming home from China and remembering
how the embrace killed the moon over bourbon street
and i will not forget how we were then
and hold it dear