Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Takers....Where is the cut-off line

for Miss H and the Circle

Giving is better than receiving some say
but in some encounters, people stay takers anyway
and while i enjoy sharing my time, energy or more concrete possessions
and don't expect anything back,
my brows raise as i note resentment when it is always the same person
who is the beneficiary of what i have to give
without returning so much as a question on how life has been for me to live.

you are the topic all the time
your life, your dreams, your troubles, your failures, your ailments,
your joys, your loss, your challenges, your loves.

friendship lop-sides quickly
and i find myself drained as we part
hoping that tomorrow or the next day
you will want to know the matters of my heart

but weeks pass by without so much as a word
and when you call again it is to ask a favor
so my issues move to the back burner
and i once more become your savior
and my own worst enemy
because afterwards, i am tired and you are nowhere near full of my energy.

so when -at writer's circle- Free Thought
there has to be a cut-off line
(or asked about it)
my heart and mind
for when the takers become black holes
of energy- and love-depleting non-matter
to quiet the chatter
in their self-less minds
they are the sick who want the medicine but not the cure
and we, the givers, end up empty and unsure
whether it was worth our while

the takers don't want health
able but unwilling to heal themselves
their mode is stealth
charm masks their greed
their need
to seed and breed more tentacles
latching on, suction!
and recede, eyes blank,
when we ask them to pay heed
to us
for they love not you or me
but how we make them feel about themselves
you see.

cut off the giving then, to them
and give to those who discern
the gift and the giver
and learn
to protect your
cache of love
for it only grows
when giving and receiving
hold hands in one glove.