Monday, April 4, 2011

ode to pms

my tears sing an ode to pms
plugging middle sinuses with rising tears
piercing my sanity with raging cravings
potassium magnesium salt
in order words: chocolate chip cookies with
just enough dough to bind the chocchips together

peanutbutter malt syrup dressing on
romaine salad will only cut it if dressing drowns greens

perilous mood swings
ponder my soliloquies
poeticize molecular swelling
petite moans silenced
persecute my security
perform memorable skits
peruse memories' sisterhood
play minor songs with
prude meaningless stories
pompous meandering scandals
peak meager savings
poem makes sense?

heck no
it's pms for carp's sake
crack that inner whip
chase those demons out of their niches
so i can fight battles with myself
two weeks out of the month

only to forget
that you, too, might be right there
in that same ring with the rubber ropes
so we can bounce back
in a few days

it's great to be wom(b)an.