Sunday, May 8, 2011

piece I ~ mindscape ~ "love&lava"

whenever he left
i felt fused
both in and suf
this time, we parted many things and then for good
or better, or worse
and i felt the need to capture the essence of this, his,
we tapped into each other's minds like into kegs
or george dubya into my phone
with blows both subtle and stalwart, sudden and solemn
and with an excuse so paltry
it would have made love proud.

what to do?
canvas the landscape of his mind
i envision texture, shape, color and materials
schemes and themes dictated by the cocktail of ideas
scrambled and folded over-easy into a
sunny-side-up gnomic sculpture with
rivers and rocks and sand and drenched in
hues and lyrics to songs yet to be sung
strings vibrating before the bridge broke
melodies propelled into closets
keys dropping like tears on trodden pathways yes, trodden is one of my favorite words!
trailing the rasp of vocal folds and chords never struck, nor strummed

get art supplies at greg's
this guy is nice, won't take my money
instead, gives advice
what is your project he asks
a mindscape i answer
his apneatic breath still clinging to my hair

on flattened pine
a layer of primer, grey and beige
inSPIRation fresh.
what all he has given me!

is 3x4 large enough to capture
his vivid spirit, child, within these
layers upon layers of crackled glaze broken soul
a piecemeal puzzle of meal without peace

so fractured, frazzled at times
this is not complete without the pot
of gold, or rather earth opal, at the end of the rain
bow ing down to his genius in a flat minor
orange and major brown acrylic melisma
mesmerizing homegrown peppers without patronizing flavor
the seeds of Cypriotic soil embedded in this need for credence
weeding out needles of strawberry trees
as mediterranean sons shone sure as the moon eclipses partially on or around
ten in the morning of january forth twenty eleven

torn poetry juxtaposed
three degrees of separation
ink on velvet art paper
one hundred per cent cotton rag
and acid free
like his spirit eyes
forever mine?
four ever so lovely petals of clover
bear luck

grains of pissouri sand with Aphrodite's halo
foam fronts frontiers for felonious fractals
goddess mother lover savior daughter wife shallow scallop
snail house crowns sea urchin's shell
testifying time of last friendly fragmented message
before the mess of age, alcohol and peer pressure knuckled his confidence under
and stole his pride's thunder

and always metal
rusted iron and steel
solid heavy and flexible
after march released them from ice bondage
i found my spring and ratchet gear and knew
i had to put it on here
wondering why
and only now that i remember
the opus falleth into place

black numbs
black cloaks
black covers
black hides
black slims
black sins
black darkens bright sparkles
black dulls sharp shard edge of blown glass thrown in despair
black beautifies grooves in pine's grain
black hugs torn edges and rusty ends
black soaks up sun
black spits depression
black warms when orange glows underneath.
wow. THAT is his, too!

as i paint
his mind
he wanders mine
dictates these letters
as my fingers follow
his lead

perfection is light
everywhere bursting through
each quadrant translucent in parts
the sum of all is
he through my eyes

fondness' foundation bonding the intangible
glue holding it all together

in spirit
he, too, has me
for ∞
title "love&lava" a-muse-d by the kindred spirit who made it all happ(y)en.