Thursday, June 9, 2011

should i or not?

ink sinks in skin
thinking thoughts
would i want this ypsilon and lambda
for as long as i have my arm?
or feel that dragon leaning in?

how ugly will it wrinkle?

maybe i won't live long enough to see
it lose elasticity
loosening epidermis turning "Welcome to Johannesburg and have a nice holiday" into "Wendy"

my thinking turns to death and dying

i saw a dead body today
wearing a leather jacket
but no helmet
motorcycle in the right lane on the glen

for some, death comes like that
as we think about the next move, the next thought, the next step,
and plan ahead
blind to what we are facing that ends all brain activity

but is it really so?

do we really need all this cerebral mass to make it through 80 years of life?

if there are 80% left unused, why are they there?
who is so smart that they know we are not using them?

i don't believe it.
who says we don't post mortem?

access our spiritual world?

or, like (F)free (T)thought taught, the way we KNOW
by intuition or instinct or the thing yet to be named?

what if this is the mass to connect, to tap into each other
to find each other lifetime after l i f e   t i m e ?
what if this is where we attach to the after and before
cling to parallel universes and their dwellers?

so i am less concerned if there is danger in ink sinking into skin
more so if i will remember the time i try to immortalize
and if i will find my spirit guide 
once my eyes dry up and crystallize

because right now, this very moment, life, in all its glorious opportunity
is just one step on the way
i know there is more
i hope you can walk with me a bit
after we pass through this door

unafraid of tomorrow

and if we do
ink our fingers


so i am less concerned if ink sinking into skin is bringing ill with that pin
will i remember the time i am trying to immortalize
will i  find my spirit guide once my eyes
dry up?