Sunday, June 5, 2011

king caught

king taught me
taut lines can be loosed
stop fighting
swim to her who set the hook
let her have all the line
she’ll think you’re gone,
she’ll loosen her grip,
then jump out
flip right
pull left
throw the hook right back at her
and let the stream carry you down
rest a moment
gather your strength
and swim back upstream
to another hole
hang still
she will
get tired
and boat away

king taught me taut lines are the ki
to landing kings
hook set
reel down
stay strong
tip up
reel down more
tighten line
feet on floor
solid stance
this rooster with a sirene’s song
plucked on a string of nylon
in g as it looms above water
human fish nexus
until guide nets us

is this struggle fair?
a forty pounder giving me
a run for onefifty
twelve minutes full body workout
and about ten good meals to share

no catch and release
for this fisherwoman!