Saturday, November 19, 2011


she usually won't turn away in a fuck you kind of manner
she won't put her heart on her sleeve and then fly hate on a banner

but when he disrespects her spirit
and feeds her soul the stillness of indifference

she can no longer allow him to access her world
although she digs when he challenges her resilience

for arbitrary affection is tainted love
so her sensitivity is curled

up in a snail house spiral
her defenses come hurled

like chameleon tongues
picking up insectoid critters with sticky lances
and tiny lungs

they do not scream nor sing nor cry
she could do all three, but not for this, for him, but why?

because it was a dream in the real world of e
we texted and mailed and chatted
but as long as we don't see
the temperature in our eyes
anything can be lies
and made up names such as
mora and lu, len, teja, and lee,
and vincent and mia
and his office and projects and dreams and likes and dislikes
and needles in haystacks and ki as in key to unlock what you need, not kia.

so yes, that's what they wanted, he, she, it and i,
and that won't fly
not with just anyone
he said.

and then left, without saying good bye.

for all my sisters who, like me, find varieties of love in cyberspace. 
believe me...there are good men out there. be patient and trust.