Sunday, November 7, 2010

love and water

deep water sailor man
sea farer faring well with old off-loved abodes
and loved off wardrobes
chairs and chaise longues
halls and homes
both real and imaginary
those ones you create
the others you striate
in pastel mints and pinks and blues
like rainbow ringed stockings into which
you stuff your pantaloons

your words are like hip hop for
bohemian bourgeoisie and bourgeois bohemians
who dream of kissing each other long and hard from the fireplace to the old wood stove at the other end of that old house
christening every room in here with bodily harm
not in a bdsm kind of way
but rather fiercely felt passionate lovercise
no need for words
your ellipses drive my imagination
to the big wild end
of cupid's snow-bent

my liberal mind's narrow
tresses confound
their spiral staircase bannisters
with cirrus in our autumn sky
scraping lust's ceilings
and love's barrel bottoms
dredging up never lost lore
of soul's history
buffoons we are to
eros' weapon

eyes open
mind closed
i drive on and on listening to anything
and your image
your words
the scenes you paint
come alive
as i drive so much farther
way past my destination

seafaring water man
we meet down there
in the depth of neptune's fields
bliss is eyes open salt against salt
tear against ocean
love meets water meets lover meets rebel meets salt meets lava meets lust meets love
succulent water
blood of love
silence pressured by gurgling turtles'

as venus' harvest moon lights your surface
caressing ocean's ground
in autumn
water falls in love
love falls in water
like us
swooshing and whooshing
and then