Monday, April 11, 2011

Ode to Livers

Looking at liver as a word
I think of the organ first
And then of Beings who live
For they are Livers
If they do

I live
Because my liver works
for the most part
But each spring
I feel pangs of pain
So I asked my doctor

Who said
Do you sleep between 1 and 3 AM?
In Chinese medicine, this is the time
Where livers regenerate
So make sure to rest

Spring is the liver season
When wood comes back to life
when birch juices start flowing upward
to feed the trees
Is when our livers work overtime
to adjust

So be gentle to your liver
Beets, kale and apples nurture
And close your eyes before midnight
Walk or run in the sun
And breathe long deep breaths of clean air
four seven eight

Be a Liver
And smile into your heart

for Amy with Love and Gratitude.