Saturday, December 10, 2011


mother earth's womb
fluid essence of ethereal energies
holding her daughter not captive but tight

water broken by light
soul rays break through my night
lift my plight
usher in my effulgent knight
in poetic armor
arms wide shut tight
bracing everyone's urge to fight
common sense and courtesy
spills his truth to bring sight
to the blind
and to blindside hypocrisy
by telling love as she is
slowly opening my earthmother's
uterus and
pulling back to the bright
starry night at the end
of birth's tunnel and
the beginning of
new life

in earth years
my best is still ahead
my past has founded me, grounded me, sounded me, bound me
i found me, fate hounded me, hate pounded me, you clowned me
but the knowledge earned when you discern right from less right
wrong from dead wrong, and doing what's right for you at any given moment,
that knowledge is your skeleton, your bones
your soul's song's tones
and all this wisdom of lifetimes is ancient.

sometimes, i write something and leave it suspended for a couple of weeks. when i return to it, i don't recall writing it. i have no idea where this came from and it is not done, but for now, i have to keep it public, otherwise it'll never be complete.