Tuesday, April 24, 2012

trust life, she said.

spikes like nyse
dad's heartbeat after seven comatose days and nights
grief peaked joy

so how long will this go on
an architect and a swimmer
back to the drawing board
chased by an indica dad hooked on coffee enemas
and the mad scientist on fuerteventura
and other naked spaniards in the breakfast room
of tenerifanatic january lust

when the apple man with the kangaroo hat
sat down to breakfast with the fact
that is his homely
like his face is his only
for it was an original
the blue bear matrixed into glacier water and milky peppermint tea

do you not see the pattern?

as in every one of these
the horse is chasing the night
while a true knight stands by
waiting his turn
for there is no rush
no impending disaster
for patience is the order of this lifetime
and we shall be found

and as i waken
god says
"good morning"

and tickles my feet