Tuesday, June 26, 2012

current current - txt

u ground me
& balance

i would call u the earth
except that’s me
for i b mother earth’s daughter

so u:

r the ocean





ocean holds salt of earth engulfs earth

i m earth

without ur salt

i m not really incomplete, but blah

you complement me, like fingers interlocking
hands docking
glocks cocking
flocks stocking
crocs flocking
we   b   solid and rocking
more than just back & forth

i feel safe with u

dynamic dynamite
i give u raw
u refine
like sugar
off that boat
off that beach

i trust u

i will enjoy ur presence
thrive in ur company

but when i come, i just want to sit and watch
listen to u talk
because u make sense 2 me
ur thoughts r clear & linear
crazy and crystalline
wild and whimsical
trailblazing a forever road through the maze of labyrinthian confusion
never wasting breath, or word
self-correcting retracting fibs that needed to be told
i know
cause u're a guy
and guys go that way

i want to stand and watch
u move
the way u do things
strong man moving handsome confidence

i want to watch
ur hands
skin softer than silk
but beast enough to strangle a Kodiak brown bear if needed

i want to rub ur back n belly n below
stroke every strain, every pain
u ever felt
right out
cause u said u'd do that
for me
n cause i can
n cause i want 2

because when u love me
and hold my head in ur hands
i   m   ur woman
and i belong.