Sunday, June 10, 2012

i should have looked

i should have looked in the mirror today
i might have stayed home.

i do forget what day it is at times,
especially in winter, and when the weekend is done.

this new gas dryer i bought has proven useless to date,
since the delivery people and installation guy told me too late
that there is no line for the hook-up.

so i look up
plumbers, and call,
and they all
are so busy
since "no heat" has befallen all
major households in the valley
and those get first service
while my clothes air-dry
or hair-dry
resulting in cotton pumice

and there it is again
my 2012 substance
for pumice is that
with a bit of extra heat and pressure
we get this little stone to rub our feet
or callous hands

like rough days soften the edges of our souls
reshape our molds
refine our minds
until we find ourselves
beautiful again
in the mirror

i should have looked through the mirror for tomorrow
i might have found home.