Saturday, November 24, 2012

'nother love rhyme

that moment
iris draws iris
pupil pulls pupil
breaths pause
instants thaw
constants claw
distant applause
extant awe
ellipses of time
eclipse the
situation standing ovation to
not fatal but blatant and flagrant
like jupiter's
and i want 2 say i love u more than the moon
and that i love as much, but more than i love even a loon

but that's not cutting it

like paper the side of my index finger
over and over again, over the years, cut after cut after cut
itch, bleed, heal, itch bleed heal itchbleedheal cut again

what i really feel is....


i like you

i like how you make me feel
i like you like i like my feet that have carried me so many steps that if i'd kept walking straight i might have made it from here to saturn and around its nine rings nine times
cupping its arches like my insecurities in the process of chasing anxieties' demons into hydrogenetic oblivion

orbiting your solidity
i cling to the lava promised in your gaze
wait for that smile to catch my falling self-esteem and bring me
back to life as i never knew it could blossom and steady even in knik glacier winds

exhaling blue bear in
halo under gums into lungs
into me we tumble round and round like shooting stars on
the seventh cusp of summer

ninth ward blues and oranges
two times two times right
two waterways meandering through valleys of life and death
as boulders jut fierce ride4life policies out of the seas of opinions that any
misattitude could concoct like witches brew which is so new
this time around

i like you like i like my eyes blue as skies of september after three nights of less than sufficient rem phase comatose dozing
doses of sanity wrestle insane slices of memory lane in my sleepdeprived fried brain
until my eyes turn green again as sage returns

like them
you change
your Sir-face, but only on surface
from mad hatted youngster to slick mofo gangster to elegant swag starr
and then the sudden gift of an all open gaze in which not only
you C me you see me as i see me and you
and all that is in you, the glow, the gold from within the deepest deep oceanic recess sweeps around which you've built walls over walls
but your secret's safe with me as i am safe with you

i like you like i like my hands
doors to my soul after you gaze thru my windows innuendos waken slumbering fairies of pheromones
jupiter's sixtysix moons dubstepping subdepping clubwebbing popping Io's volcanoes like corn in coconut oil

buttercups spoil a dandelion salad i made to offer your hands slender and long as a violin's neck
and just as musical
not a speck of dust
they must
be feeding the small of my back cool comfort as we walk and talk
plucking the strings of my wings and innermost things
if i am the wind beneath yours
the one who adores
you make me dive onto the ocean's ground
breathing free and jive with subterranean hives
of seahorse and zebrafish
feel alive
test-drive that new sonic sonar sound
segue to harmonic philologies
hip-hopping freestyle analogies
as you mix and spin cirocing anachronistic beats to slinging

your riffs are stiff like turnagain cliffs
killing in cypher like a pro-lifer
picketing those o.b. gyns
no one wins 
except us
ride or die

i like you like i like my mind
fierce yet kind

i look behind
and see our tracks in the sands of time

we be solid.
like a badass RocaRocious freestyle rhyme.