Friday, December 21, 2012


b'zhoolee. noun. 
term of endearment for a unique male person in a powerful, wild, usually older female's life. the male is untamed, but extremely self-controlled. wildly creative, his energy sends him beyond the stratosphere but he recedes into earth's core to regenerate and come to his true self. he is stronger than his fears, but he holds on to those fears as boundaries. all this makes him dear to her, because it reflects her own substance and spirit. a b'zhoolee is a man who brings out all aspects and living forms of womanhood in her. contrary to others, a b'zhoolee might risk a lot but is always aware of what is at stake. ultimately, his leaps propel himself, her, and their connection forward in an upward spiral towards freedom, eden, and fulfillment.

opposite: vesclub clenceno.
created by luna_o on the day the world un-apocalypsed, again, because everyone misread ancient scriptures, again.