Thursday, December 20, 2012

#freedom & #paradise

when i sawmy pics tagged #freedom and #paradise... moved me... to think...this...

#freedom and #paradise are simpler than alaska but easy here

#freedom is mine as i let go of controlling anything and anyone but me

even though someone else gives me
makes me
even though i look forward to spending time with that one
even though no one else makes me feel this way
even though no one else continues to bring out my smile so surely
even though i don't want to miss any moment of togetherness with him

i know i will live if he decides to take all of this away.

i know that the sun will make my eyes sparkle in winter
i know that the moon will stir my imagination any time
i know that a warm breeze will feel like a hug even in solitude
i know that the ocean will always excite me
i know that even without books and the internet

i can go ogle over my doorstep and find magnificence
i can dance through my own world's wide web and be tense as a tightrope with hunger for more knowledge
i can talk to strangers and listen to their stories
i can stand on my head and look at the water faucet upside down
just for perspective

as long as my mind is somewhat obedient to my will

#freedom is mine.

#paradise is
opening my eyes
deciding that my cup is half and filling
hope never dies
dark days help with light appreciation
poverty is relative
bitter winds are here to keep us inside and introspective
remembering #freedom
& that #loving does not depend on receiving #love

as long as i stay free

#paradise is mine.

and both are yours as well.