Friday, January 4, 2013

yoko ono fright night

your final words...
the picture of yoko ono?
overture silence

foam sounds
bare breath

aw u sweepy?
i ask into this space of
sans sound

her eyes burnt scars into mine
i almost want to cut my hair
for distance to her

but you
trust me
to be

so you
with the same scare
scar in your
beloved eyes
sleep safely
into my ear
holding me near
and dear

a tear
and another one
so moved am i
both by your drifting into dreams
and by our shared fright night
yoko in white
and that ghost of hers
in black

and back
to the pants with
in crotches
and white blotches
where nipples poke from

pink shoulderfree see-through
butt hoodies
yes, i would scream too
and not just to a katy perry tune
but no one would pay me
a dollar
they'd make me pay a fine

if yoko ono and bono
screamed together
tears for fears would bring about
a whole new mad season

and maybe...
resurrect grunge
with frank zappa